What to Look for When Choosing Motel Accommodations

Taking a holiday on a budget doesn't have to mean camping or using hostels. Motel accommodations mean you won't need to sleep on the ground or next to a stranger, but you'll avoid the higher prices hotels bring. You'll usually find them at the roadside, which means they're great for road trips. If you're confident motel accommodations are for you, the following are some essentials you need to consider.

Does your motel accommodation have the mod cons you're craving?

If you're on a budget business trip, this will usually mean WiFi, a desk to sit at and a guarantee of some peace and quiet. When you're travelling with friends and sharing a room, this could stretch to separate beds and plenty of space to move around in. When you're staying for more than just one or two nights you may also want to consider whether there's food onsite, a space to relax, or maybe even a pool. If you're on a tight budget and want to self-cater, look for those with a kitchenette or, at the very least, a fridge.

What are the closest restaurants like?

Even if you can't stretch your budget to a restaurant, you'll want to see which fast food providers can cater to your needs in the nearby area. This is especially important if you have dietary restrictions, as being far away from the nearest place to offer a vegan meal will make your stay more cumbersome than enjoyable. If you're struggling to find a motel that's near a suitable restaurant, extend your search to supermarkets that may offer the food you need.

Is your accommodation close enough to nearby attractions?

When you're enjoying a road trip or heading to a city for a special occasion, choosing a motel that's not close to your chosen attractions is a waste of time and money. Before booking, consider how much time you're willing to spend travelling each day. With this information, you can create a set radius to narrow down your motel choices. If you're planning a road trip and booking them as the trip progresses, don't forget to create backup options just in case your first one isn't available.

If you're still struggling to choose accommodation, check out reviews that others leave online. Combined with the information your motel provides, these reviews could act as an easy way of choosing between those that are spectacular and those that won't meet your needs.