How To Make The Best Out Of Your Hotel Stay

While hotels have general service and accommodation standards, guests frequently derive different experiences from their stay. This is because some may be able to squeeze out better deals and add-ons than others. If you're looking to make the most out of your hotel stay, you will want top-notch service and insightful touristic guidance. Here are a few ways in which you can earn yourself the best possible hotel experience without overspending.

Being Kind To Staff Will Take You A Long Way

Professional businesses often say that the client is the king; however, in the world of hospitality, particularly in upper-scale establishments, the concierge rules all. Upper-echelon accommodation frequently has savvy concierges that will have booked tickets for trendy local events such as theatre tickets or movie premieres months earlier. Typically, they will offer these goodies and even reservations for restaurants booked out for weeks to clients they form authentic bonds with.

If you're looking to get the best room service or to be allowed to borrow things such as umbrellas or hair straighteners or even phone chargers, being polite, friendly and warm to the staff is essential. Make sure you remember names on name pins and ask them about themselves when appropriate. In exchange, they are likely to do you other similar favours free of charge!

Early Check-Ins Require Early Bookings

Hotels generally have established check-in policies. Typically, guests will be expected to check in between certain hours. However, business trips, for example, may leave you little control over your arrival time. Rather than having to book and pay for an entire extra day, you will want the hotel to offer you check-in flexibility. Typically, hotels will be willing to accommodate your special check-in needs if you warn them in advance.

Make sure to complete this communication in writing, preferably through their email service. You will want to keep the message clear and polite, and send it as early in advance as possible. Similarly, asking in advance can allow you to stay well past your required checkout time. By asking at the same time as you book your dates, you can almost guarantee they will be willing to help.

A Concluding Note

A pleasant hotel stay requires thorough planning and good interpersonal skills. You will need to inform the staff in advance of your individual needs; however, your requests should remain attainable and respectful. By creating a relationship of mutual respect and consideration with your chosen establishment, you can have a high-class experience on a standard hotel budget. 

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