2019 Trends in Motel Room Bathrooms

For many years, guests of motels have been yearning for higher-quality amenities during their stay. Old-fashioned bathrooms simply equipped with a shower and toilet are no longer enough to make guests comfortable. Nowadays, people expect a touch of comfort and elegance in their accommodations

To keep up with guest preferences, motels are upgrading their amenities to include modern-style bathrooms. These bathrooms contain more stylish and functional features that will keep you coming back whenever you're in town.

In 2019, you can expect motel bathrooms to contain many of the following features.

1. Air conditioning inside the bathroom

Are you tired of those motel bathrooms that are dark, small, and poorly ventilated? Moving forward, you can expect motels to upgrade their bathrooms to feature a larger floor plan, multiple lighting options and dedicated vents for the HVAC system. This means that you won't have to walk into a cloud of steam after taking a shower.

Even better, foul odours from the toilet won't linger inside the bathroom after use. This level of detail adds comfort during your stay and makes you come back whenever you need a motel room. 

2. Automatic toilets

Another trend you can expect to see in motel rooms for 2019 is automatic toilets. These toilets can automatically flush after use, controlling how much water is used in each room around the premises. In addition, the automated feature helps keep the toilet clean and odour-free at all times. Even if you use the toilet in a hurry and forget to flush, you don't have to worry about coming back to foul odours in the evening.

Automatic toilets are also more comfortable to use and less prone to leaks and breakage.

3. Glass shower screens

As opposed to the plain and boring shower curtains you may be used to from older motels, the new design you can expect moving forward is glass shower screens. Glass, especially frameless glass, adds a touch of class and elegance to any bathroom space. Regardless of the shape and size of the motel room shower, a glass screen will turn any ordinary bath into an enjoyable experience. Glass shower screens are also easier to clean and maintain for the motel staff.

4. Complementary child care products

Motels are also realising that their guests may need help with different types of basic amenities. For example, guests with children may need baby products such as extra towels, cosmetics and even diapers. Guests now have the option of reserving rooms that are "baby friendly", meaning that they have supporting amenities to help you enjoy a comfortable stay.