2019 Trends in Motel Room Bathrooms

For many years, guests of motels have been yearning for higher-quality amenities during their stay. Old-fashioned bathrooms simply equipped with a shower and toilet are no longer enough to make guests comfortable. Nowadays, people expect a touch of comfort and elegance in their accommodations.  To keep up with guest preferences, motels are upgrading their amenities to include modern-style bathrooms. These bathrooms contain more stylish and functional features that will keep you coming back whenever you're in town. Read More 

The Secret To Getting Fine Dining Just Right

When you think of fine dining, you no doubt think about crisp linen tablecloths, delectable seven-course meals and a wine list that would take hours to read cover to cover. However, today's fine dining experience has evolved into a varied and exciting mix of dining concepts and cuisines. That said, there are a number of fine dining requirements and traditions that will never change. These essential factors are what make the fine dining experience so special and that every restaurant should follow. Read More 

What to Look for When Choosing Motel Accommodations

Taking a holiday on a budget doesn't have to mean camping or using hostels. Motel accommodations mean you won't need to sleep on the ground or next to a stranger, but you'll avoid the higher prices hotels bring. You'll usually find them at the roadside, which means they're great for road trips. If you're confident motel accommodations are for you, the following are some essentials you need to consider. Does your motel accommodation have the mod cons you're craving? Read More 

4 Electrical Accessories You May Need When Visiting a Powered Caravan Site

People who are going on a caravan trip often prefer powered sites due to the convenience that the electricity at those sites provides. One requires several accessories in order to take full advantage of the electricity at such sites. This article discusses some of the crucial accessories that inexperienced caravan owners should buy for their first trip. A Site Connector A site connector allows you to make your own hookup socket in case you find that all the powered sites at your favourite camping ground have been taken. Read More 

Top accommodation options

When you choose to go on holiday, you probably have many options. However, if you are a lover of the outdoors, you will no doubt opt for holiday parks where you get to interact with the wild. Holiday parks are convenient because there are many ways to enjoy nature and there are several holiday accommodations to choose from. Cabins Log cabins are very relaxing if you want a laid-back and secluded place with the freedoms of your home. Read More